April is Earth Month


April is Earth Month which naturally means we all think more about our environment and our personal impact on it.

One of the main ways each of us impact our environment each and every day is through the operation of our vehicle.

You can minimize negative environmental impact your car or truck causes by making sure it is in top operating condition.

This means keeping your vehicle fluids at their recommended levels

quickly repairing any engine and other mechanical problems to minimize pollutants

Also, keeping your tires properly inflated to insure better gas mileage.

Are there services you need completed on your automobile that will help minimize its environmental impact this Earth Month?

Contact Best Auto Service & Tire Center at 570-688-2378

Best Auto can handle every type of car repair and maintenance need on every make and model of car.

Best Auto is conveniently located at 2945 Route 611 in Tannersville, PA, across from Friendly’s.

Let Best Auto handle all of your car concerns and feel confident knowing you have minimized your environmental impact this Earth Month.


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