Back to school Driving tips

Can it really be time to shop for back to school cars? We can help! On a budget? We can help with that too!

Having a reliable car for your child when going back to school is incredibly important. In fact, here are a few tips to remind your teen driver about when it comes to being in the car.

  1. Always wear a seatbelt. Teens buckle their seatbelts less frequently than adults do. Remind yours that buckling up can save their life!
  2. Avoid all distractions. Texting and talking on the phone are the obvious distractors when in the car. However, eating and drinking, talking to passengers, and loud music are also distractors when driving.  Make sure your new teen driver knows about ALL driver distractions and the possible consequences.
  3. Keep an eye out for busses. Make sure your new driver knows the rules about driving when school busses are on the road. Drivers should always yield to school buses when they are merging or turning. It’s also important to maintain a significant distance and be prepared to make unexpected stops.  If you see a school bus pull to a stop and flash its signals on a road without a median, make sure to come to a complete stop as well. Regardless of the side of the street you’re on, brake and watch for students crossing to their homes. Before you start driving again, wait until the bus starts moving or stops flashing its signals.
  4. School zone safety. Remind your teen that school zones require slower driving than main roads. This is because there are often many people walking to or from buildings within a parking lot. Additionally, there are many school busses on the premises, so it is important to remember the school bus safety rules.

Remember to teach your teen and remind them about all the road rules when it comes to driving to and from school.

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