Best Auto introduces NITROFILL

Best Auto Service & Tire Center offers NitroFill™

Did you know that Best Auto Service & Tire Center is the only independently owned repair shop in Monroe County that offers NitroFill™, a premium nitrogen tire inflation service which improves the operation and longevity of your tires? NitroFill™ has been proven to increase the life of your tires by 50% while improving fuel economy by 10%. Additionally, based on studies performed at Clemson University, NitroFill™ has been shown to reduce the likelihood of tire failure by up to 75%.

The NitroFill™ inflation product is different from any other in that it is air in its purest form, cleaned and stripped of all contaminants, particulate, oil, water, and oxygen, leaving behind only the purest nitrogen gas which will remain inert, insuring stable, long-lasting tire pressure.

Contact Best Auto today at 570-688-2378 and ask for more information about NitroFill™ and how it can improve the operation of your vehicle.


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