Car Repair Economics

Car Repair Economics

The economics of car care seems simple – handle your car repairs when they are needed to extend the life of your car and keep future repair costs down, and schedule regular vehicle maintenance as recommended by your manufacturer to improve performance and prevent operation issues in the first place.

But car repair economics is never simple. Repairs seem to be needed at the worst possible time and we forget to schedule maintenance appointments. Add in the average consumer’s concern over the cost of car repairs and it’s easy to see why repair economics can become quite complicated.

That’s where Best Auto can help.  One of our friendly and knowledgeable ASE certified technicians will guide you through which repairs and maintenance services are needed and why.

Best Auto will use only the best parts backed by the A/C Delco Consumer Assurance program, a 12 month 12 thousand mile warranty that doesn’t void your factory warranty.

Most important, Best Auto makes car care costs easy through its brand new No Credit Check Financing Program, which lets you get the repair and maintenance services you need completed now while allowing you to pay for them over time.

Find out for yourself why car repair economics will work for you at Best Auto. Contact Best Auto Service & Tire Center at 570-688-2378 to schedule your appointment, or stop by and visit them in person at 2945 Route 611 in Tannersvillle across from Friendly’s.


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