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Have you taken advantage of Best Auto Service & Tire Center’s online resources? The Best Auto website – features a wealth of information online You can read about the Best Auto company history, browse details on services that Best Auto offers, find special offers and sale information, and read the company blog which details the …

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Vehicle Recall Notice

VEHICLE RECALL NOTICE Vehicle recall notices are important. They alert the public to safety and operation issues that need to be addressed to keep cars and roadways safe. The Dealer may try to sell you additional services. If you receive that announcement, WE CAN HELP Stop by to have your car or truck evaluated per the …

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Emergency Kit

What is in your Emergency Kit

WHAT IS IN YOUR EMERGENCY KIT Best Auto Service & Tire Center is committed to keeping customers safe by keeping their cars in top operating condition. Part of being road ready is anticipating unforeseen circumstances. What if bad weather or a traffic jam keeps you stranded for a long time? What If I get a …

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Car Care Questions Answered

CAR CARE QUESTIONS ANSWERED You hear a strange noise as you accelerate your car and think, ’what’s that?’ Your check engine light is on and you have no idea why. When you start your car in the morning, it takes multiple tries for it to turn over, but you know your oil change is up-to-date …

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