Clean Your Fuel System


A clean fuel system improves fuel economy, reduces emissions, restores power and performance, and improves drive ability.

At Best Auto, we recommend a periodic cleaning of your fuel system every 15,000 miles or annually to help you keep your car in optimal condition.

Best Auto’s ASE certified technicians will use the Run-Rite Multi-Step Fuel System Cleaning,

our preferred fuel system maintenance product, to clean the air intake, fuel delivery/injectors, intake manifold, valves, piston ring-land and combustion chambers

The end result is improved overall car performance and engine condition

Contact Best Auto Service & Tire Center at 570-688-2378

BOOK your appointment ONLINE for the Run-Rite Multi-Step Fuel System Cleaning.

Stop by and visit them in person at 2945 Route 611 in Tannersvillle across from Friendly’s

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