Latest Issue of AC DELCO Newsletter


The latest issue of AC DELCO newsletter

Scheduled for release this week and Best Auto Service & Tire Center receives a prominent mention in the publication.

Shown below is a customer’s experience with Best Auto through the Consumer Assurance Program.

The customer’s car was towed to Best Auto and diagnosed with a bad starter. The starter was replaced with a brand new AC DELCO starter and the customer drove away worry-free knowing their car had received the best care possible.

The excerpt is as follows:

"Roadside Assistance Program Earns Customer Accolade - And Loyalty!
Not too long ago, a customer visited Best Auto, a Professional Service Center in Tannersville, Pa., for minor service, but experienced a no-start with his vehicle a couple days later. He was referred to ACDelco’s Roadside Assistance, as part of the Consumer Assurance Program, and within an hour or so, the vehicle was towed back to Best Auto, where a brand-new ACDelco starter was installed. That straightforward, hassle-free customer service experience turned a potentially negative experience for the customer into a positive relationship between him and Best Auto. In fact, the customer returned later, smiling and holding a copy of the letter he received from AC Delco, along with the towing reimbursement check. He was thrilled with the experience and helped Best Auto forge a relationship with a customer who knows exactly where he’ll take his car for future service. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of all ACDelco’s Customer Assurance Program has to offer, discuss it with your ACDelco representative. Not every experience will turn out like the one at Best Auto, but Roadside Assistance and other features of the program can help build strong customer relationships."

To learn more about the AC DELCO Consumer Assurance Program, contact Best Auto 570-688-2378

visit them in person on Route 611 in Tannersville, PA, across from Friendly’s.

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