Proper Car Maintenance is More Important than You Think

Proper Car Maintenance is More Important Than You Think

How many times have you heard your car make a funny noise and have thought, ’I don’t have time to get my car fixed now’

Or how about a major repair, but you tell yourself, ’I can’t afford that repair now’

When you think about it, your car is what transports YOU safely to and from work.

It’s the way you get your KIDS to school and to sports.

When those factors are considered why isn’t proper car maintenance a priority?

Balancing proper vehicle maintenance with the understandable concerns of cost and time cannot be disregarded

Best Auto Service & Tire Center can help all Customers

Best Auto offers a No Credit Check Financing Program which allows you to have the vital repairs you need made now and then pay for them over time.

When you choose Best Auto, your car will be attended to by their team of ASE certified auto mechanics

The Mechanics will quickly and efficiently repair your car so you can get back on the road in the shortest time possible.

You deserve peace of mind knowing that your car has proper car maintenance.

Give Best Auto Service & Tire Center a call at 570-688-2378

Visit them in person at their auto shop at 2945 Rt. 611 in Tannersville across from Friendly’s

make an appointment to have your car repair and service needs handled the Best Auto way!

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