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NHOU  is clean, clear, drip-free, (some dripping may occur) solvent-free, odor-free, non-toxic, a super lubricating metal conditioner with creeping and penetrating benefits – all in one formula. It is not a sealant that traps moisture, or an oil spray that rots rubber, damages plastic and tend to be messy and drippy. It contains active moisture displacers that last up to 12 months. Because it is clean and transparent you can actually see it preserving the original “factory new” appearance. It does not dry out, chip or peel off and its lubricating benefits continue indefinitely.Our Back-N-Black offers the same protection but will substantially improve the surface appearance.

NH oil undercoating is a petroleum-based product .

The technical term is Resolute oil otherwise known as mineral oil. It is a food safe grade oil, which means you can consume it in small quantities. Of course I’m not encouraging you to try. However we had a customer call last last year whose pet dog did just that. The only adverse reaction was loose stool! No solvents and no detergents. Corrosion inhibitors are all green and environmentally friendly.

Absolutely not! You can understand why manufacturers void warranties, when you have the oil sprays ruining rubbers and the waxy and tar like materials seizing up door locks and window mechanisms.

The answer is NO to both questions. All of our products were developed with the environment in mind. It is a product that is not subject to TSCA or is not controlled by WHMIS as it presents no health or flammability hazards.

If your vehicle arrives with a heavy residue of mud, we would have to wash it before treatment could be done. We recommend that any heavy accumulation of mud and dirt be pressure washed from the frame and wheel wells before you have product applied.

Of course it can. Because OIL chases water, it can be applied on rainy days. Water actually accelerates the creeping abilities because it moves quickly on wet surfaces to attack and displace moisture in tight seams and hard to reach crevices.

You can wash your vehicle immediately after the treatment. Unlike other preventing methods, it will not trap moisture. It literally pushes it away, leaving behind a corrosion fighting lubricating film.

NHOU  is atomized under high pressure which pushes the product deep into the seams, cracks and crevices where corrosion starts. Once applied, the product removes the moisture in these areas and provides a strong adherence to these surfaces, remaining active with excellent “creeping” and self-healing abilities.

You may notice smoke and odor from the underside of the vehicle the first time the vehicle is driven. This is due to a small amount of overspray vaporizing on the exhaust system. It is harmless and should cease quickly.

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