Time to Change Your Oil?

best auto oil change


We all have the best of intentions and try to keep up with our car’s regular maintenance by making sure we change our vehicle fluids on schedule,

but the hectic hustle and bustle of everyday life inevitably gets in the way.

You might know when you need your next oil change - or how overdue you are to receive one -

but how about your transmission fluid?

Do you know if your power steering, brake fluid, or differential/case fluids need to be changed?

Let Best Auto Service & Tire Center help with the FLUID Rx® Vital Fluids Analysis™.

This unique service quickly and efficiently provides a comprehensive analysis of all of your vehicle’s vital fluids.

Using the patented FLUID Rx® pH test and diagnostic chart, right before your eyes,

a Best Auto ASE certified auto mechanic will check to see which fluids need to be changed,

which fluids are overdue for maintenance, and which fluids are in good condition.

Each test checks oil, coolant, transmission, power steering, brake fluid, and differential/transfer case

 everything you need to make sure your car is operating in optimal condition.

Contact Best Auto at 570-688-2378

 simply stop by their service location at 2945 Rt. 611 in Tannersville across from Friendly’s

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