Weather the Storm

Weather the Storm

This is arguably one of the worst winters we have seen in a long time.

Weekly snow and ice storms coupled with heavy salt and brine on the roads and poor driving conditions have made winter 2014 a particularly difficult time for your automobile.

While we can’t change the weather we’ve had (or the weather still to come!)

Best Auto Service & Center can help to make your vehicle safer and more prepared for the poor driving conditions our winter weather is bringing.

From snow tires and tire alignments, to engine and brake repairs, to windshield repairs and routine maintenance such as oil changes and fluid level analysis,

Best Auto Service & Tire Center is able to handle every type of vehicle need for every make and model of car.

Visit Best Auto Service & Tire Center at their auto shop, located at 2945 Route 611 in Tannersville, PA 

Give Best Auto a call at 570-688-2378.

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Weather the Storm
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